Q: How do I start getting my prescriptions from Elmwood Pharmacy? 
A: Give us a call and let us know what prescriptions you are taking and where you currently have them filled and/or your current provider. We will call that pharmacy/provider, get copies of all your prescriptions or new orders, fill them and have them ready for pick up or delivery. It’s quite easy.

Q: What if my prescription bottle reads, “no refills” 
A: Call us to request a refill as you normally do. We will call your doctor to request the refills. Often times, we have already requested refills from your doctor in anticipation of your prescription needing refilled.

Q: Are prescription bottles and lids recyclable? 
A: They are recyclable. Just remove the label or cross out your personal information and put in your home recycling bin. We can’t recycle them at our store, so no need to bring them back to us.

Q: Is a phone call the only way to request a prescription refill? 
A: No, it can also be done via our website, www.elmwoodpharmacy.com. Once you are there, look for the banner to request a refill or select the tab Rx Refill. You can register and request through website or you have the option of downloading a mobile app you can use to request refills. Use whichever mode is most convenient for you.