Whether you need to rent crutches for a couple days or several weeks, we can help. We carry junior, adult, tall and bariatric sizes and have forearm attachments for them as well.

Invacare® Quick-Change Crutches offer a solid one-piece crutch frame in lightweight anodized aluminum with push-button height adjustment and contoured hand grips. Invacare® Quick-Adjust Crutches' one-piece handgrip assembly eliminates the need for wing nuts and other assembly pieces. Plus, the push-button height adjustment and patient height guide allow the crutch to be fitted to the proper user height. Invacare® Forearm Crutches feature 1" solid composite cuffs, cushioned vinyl hand grips and extra large crutch tips. Strong and comfortable, Invacare® Bariatric Crutches range in size from adult to tall adult. Large, double push buttons allow for height adjustments in 1" increments.

  • Height adjustment ranges from 4ft 6in - 5ft 2in to 5ft 10in - 6ft 6in. Full range of sizes to ensure perfect fit: junior, adult and tall.
  • Patient height guide on crutch for easy, accurate adjustment. Lightweight anodized aluminum. Solid one-piece crutch frame
  • Push-handle lock for quick hand grip adjustment. Push-button height adjustment Contoured hand grips. No assembly required. Replacement accessories available.

Junior Specifications:

  • Style: Junior
  • Patient Height: 4' 6" - 5' 2"
  • Height Adjustment: 36" - 44"
  • Product Weight: 3 lb 7 oz
  • Product Weight Capacity: 250 lb

Adult Specifications:

  • Style: Adult
  • Patient Height: 5' 2" - 5' 10"
  • Height Adjustment: 44" - 52"
  • Product Weight: 3 lb 11 oz
  • Product Weight Capacity: 250 lb

Tall Adult Specifications:

  • Style: Tall Adult
  • Patient Height: 5' 10" - 6' 6"
  • Height Adjustment: 52" - 60"
  • Product Weight: 4 lb
  • Product Weight Capacity: 250 lb

Pricing: Rental prices range $20-$30/month. Credit card and drivers license required to initiate rental. If you would like us to bill insurance, we will need a valid prescription and supporting documentation.

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