Compliance Packing

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Our Compliance Packing Program, also know as pill packaging or medication pre-fill, may be useful to your family members or friends in maintaining their independence in their homes and improving overall health.

Our Compliance Packing Program or Med-Fill Program manages the patient's daily medications.

Medications are packaged into easy to use blister packs and the patient just pops the pills out at one of the four designated times each day.

This program has shown to increase medication compliance, therefore improving therapeutic outcomes.

You can set this up easily by contacting our pharmacists Jeff, Crystal or Stephanie. One of them will come out to your home to meet you and review your medications. Delivery is included. If a patient has six or more prescriptions each month, there is no charge for the program; if they take five or less, there is a monthly fee.

Please feel free to call with any questions regarding our program.


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