Elmwood Pharmacy has successfully completed a rigorous process to earn Medicare accreditation from the Board for Certification/Accreditation (BOC).

Facility accreditation is awarded when a facility has successfully demonstrated its compliance to standards set by the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) and BOC. Facility accreditation shows a supplier’s focus on providing quality patient care.

“We’re honored and proud to have earned accreditation through BOC,” says Pharmacist and Owner Jeff Kilborn “The accreditation process has helped us to serve our patients better.”

We specialize in friendly, personal customer service. Besides prescription medication we also pre-package medication in bubble packs for easy medication management and carry a wide selection of medical equipment and supplies. We offer delivery throughout the metro area. If you have old or unused medications you need to dispose of, we have a Medsafe Disposal Center in our store where customers can dispose of these medications safely.

“The goal of facility accreditation is to demonstrate a facility’s ability to provide patients with quality care,” notes Claudia Zacharias, President & CEO of BOC, located in Owings Mills, Maryland. “With the American population spanning five generations, we are seeing an increased need for the types of products and services that Elmwood Pharmacy offers.”