Elmwood Pharmacy & Home Medical Equipment has been serving customers in the Omaha area for over 21 years. We are committed to providing you with friendly, knowledgeable customer service and the absolute best in product quality. Our highly trained staff will help you make the best choices for your needs, while providing you with friendly service and expert advice. 

When you visit Elmwood Pharmacy, you always get to speak to a pharmacist. Jeff, Crystal, Stephanie and Kelsey are eager to answer any questions you may have. 

Our Vision

Through comprehensive pharmaceutical care, we are dedicated to providing personal, caring and professional service to enhance the lives of our patients. 

Our Mission

 Elmwood Pharmacy is known for its professional and friendly service. It is our goal that this pharmacy establishes a honest and trusting relationship with its patrons and with the medical community throughout the Omaha area.   

Elmwood Pharmacy staff works closely with the local medical staff to ensure that lines of communication between the pharmacy staff, the medical staff, and our patients remain open so that the best patient care is achieved. 

Elmwood Pharmacy is known not only for dispensing medication, but also providing high quality home health care services. Patients are welcomed into an environment where all their concerns are addressed by a caring staff. 

We offer a unique sense of “family comfort” because here patients are known by name and feel comfortable asking questions concerning their health care. 

This sense of comfort and trust is accomplished by a professional, caring, and knowledgeable staff that only a pharmacy devoted to the neighborhood and its well-being can provide. Our higher standard of service enhances the community and the lives of the people within it. 

Pharmacy Staff

Along with our knowledgeable pharmacists you will see these familiar faces behind the counter. They our full time pharmacy techs Steven and Shelby. They work along side our pharmacists providing excellent customer service. If you don't see them at the register, they may be on the lower level running our robot, Bubbles. Our new, cutting edge technology robot fills multi-dose medication bubble packs, allowing our staff to spend more time assisting customers.